The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism: A Single

by Cheapshow

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This song was originally featured on Some Shit In Our Shoes and was recorded electric as a b-side for I Hope This Is A Sign...

If you like this, and would like to hear more songs off Some Shit In Our Shoes electric, please tell us at shows. I've been trying to convince everyone to do it for years. - v


released April 16, 2016

On this recording Cheapshow is:
Vincent Troia, Alex Errington, Jordan VonZynda, Cory Fuller

Additional help:
Jordan Wright - Vocals
Tyler Habrecht - Drum Tech

Recorded by:
Chuck Huber at Drifting Sun Studio

Mastered by:
Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering

Cover Photo Taken By:
Vincent Troia at Markie Tilton's NYE14 party in Boston, Mass.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Yeah, It's Inside Out There
These days feel like some of the warmest that I've ever felt in metro Detroit in December. And I know they’ll be gone next week.

And I’ve been working my fucking fingers to the bone to make sure I can eat. And I’ve been pulling all the change from my pockets so I can buy a bottle to help me sleep.

And these days all bleed together, like the nights that you’ve been spendin with me. When it comes time for us to move on, I hope that you won’t forget about me.

I’ve been locked up in my friend’s bedrooms, or their basements or their kitchens for some time. And I don’t know if it was worth it, but I know I won’t forget, breakfast at tiffany’s cause we both kinda liked it. Or at least, I think that’s the thing that we both yelled.

And when you woke me up for work that Friday morning, those six dollars were the best I’ve ever spent.

And I’ve been doing my best not to get a head of myself. It seems most common in times like these, that I will jump the gun, jump the gun and I’ll have to jump this ship and everyone knows that I’m not the strongest swimmer.

And if looks like shit, at least you’ll know that I made it with some love and dedication. I cross my heart. And in times like these, it don’t mean much, but I thought that you should know that I really like where this is going.
I hope I lived up to the promise I made six months ago. Because you’re 23 and if shit goes down, there’s just a few more years to go. And if you told me I’d be standing here a year ago today, next to by best friends, I’d surely laugh because we all made it through again.

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