Breakfast of Champions

by Cheapshow

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It was recorded in Zack's basement, Vince's bedroom and Dave's living room.

It still baffles us that after playing with each other for as long as we have, none of us have learned how to sing a single note together.


released December 1, 2009

On this recording Cheapshow is:
Vince Troia, Mike Walsh, Alex Errington

With help from our friends and family:
Jordan, Christina Walsh, Alicia Massey, Marc Jones, Matt Moshment, Steve Gult, Joe Sellers, Genna + Zack


all rights reserved


Track Name: War Won't Change
My grand father was an army man, grandmother was his wife. They got married on his two week leave then he went back to fight. And all his strength was where he'd stand, but his heart in what he said.
He said "patti-lee, you better listen to me when I say that I love you and that I'll be comin home. Cause if I'm dead or I'm alive, you know I'll always be standing right by your side."
And I will stand and I will fight because those dreams that I hold in my heart I know are right. And that's a son and he'll be the strongest man I'll ever know.
Track Name: And I Came Out With My Guns A Blazin'
So here I am. Drunk on my bedside once again
doing the same thing I always do.

I'm painting pictures the same ones I painted yesterday in hopes of painting something new.

And I'm hoping that I'll be sittin next to you even thought you're miles and miles away. But that doesn't change a god damn fuckin thing because you know that I'll love you until the bitter fucking end.

It took you two or three times before you called me back. You were at some party. You said you missed the sound of my god damn voice and I should meet you there.
And I think that's funny because I've got you sitting on the phone, but I'll be damned if I spend another minute alone. So I jump in my car and brave the snow outside till I get to you, and I drive you home.
Track Name: No Sleep, Ever
Every breath we take, will be expelled with every move we make. And every move we make will bring us together.
With our hearts inside our fist and our bare stomachs in our throats, we'll sing tonight because this world can't tear us apart.
And for the first time in my life, I feel like I finally belong.
Track Name: Jillian
we sing these songs like we know where we're going. We ride this tank till it's bones are showing through the coat of paint it wears, dark red just like you hair. we'll ride until we reach the sun.

I packed a picnic for the lawn, because the drive ahead's too long to make on just rice and bread. We've got a half tank till we die and then it's walk or learn to fly because you're getting where you're going and i'm going nowhere fast.

It's 3 am! and i call to get you out of bed! because those words you said to me where like a book that i once read and i think they're beautiful, you're beautiful. you're beautiful to me.

We'll rewind to when you where gone, cause those two weeks were so damn long to make with out my best friend. And you called me up in tears, i had a ringing in my ears, i said "i'm sorry and you know that i always have your back."
Track Name: Tonight We Drink To Capitalism (With A K)
It's 2 o'clock in the morning and i'm drinking coffee like it's going out of style. you're smoking cigarettes like you're life depends on it to turn your lungs as black as the times. my mothers calling me on my cell phone to ask me if i'm coming home. I said "i'm never ever ever ever ever coming home and you can, you can count on that."

"just keep you're head on straight, you know how you get"
i said "i love you mom and you best not forget"

we're meeting all the wrong people in all the right places, i wonder if it's true. were they like me when they began, is this what it takes to be a man? this double standard always seems to rear it's ugly head.

"I know it's bad right now." "It's the Worst that it's been."
"but if it was always good, then we'd still all be kids."

I go back to my house and put bob marley on. as i crawl into bed, yeah man, he signs his songs. He says "everything is gonna be alright" and he has never lied to me before.

"so live it up now kid. and may the go times, they last.
tonight we're drinking coke because we can't afford the jack."

and heres to growin' up and never growin' old because you know that we'll never die
Track Name: If Whiskey Don't Fix It, Ain't Nothin' Gonna Fix It
Give us your whiskey and give us all your beer. we'll drink until the sun come up and then we'll pour another round. "This town, we'll burn it to the ground. And we're never gonna stand up and we're never gonna fight for what you said you believe."

"Lets go." "To hell." we pull up all our hoods and then we ride. "Decided," then i ask you if you want to hold my hand. "FUCK NO! I can make it on my own! but comradery means everything and i'm happy that you're one of my best friends."

(Durring the party, we got wild)

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