I Hope This Is A Sign That Things Are Going Well

by Cheapshow

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Stephen Vallely
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Stephen Vallely This album is chock full of sadboy Midwestern punk and it's pretty damn good at pulling it off. Favorite track: I Wholeheartedly Blame John Hughes For My Unreasonably High Expectations In Life, Love, And My Ability To Outsmart Those In Traditionally Respected Positions Of Employment.
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released September 12, 2015

On this recording Cheapshow is:
Vincent Troia, Alex Errington, Jordan VonZynda, Cory Fuller

Recorded by:
Chuck Huber at Drifting Sun Studio

Mastered by:
Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering

Cover Photograph taken by:
Ian T. Henderson (he's on IMDB)


all rights reserved


Track Name: Tearjerker From Armageddon
I try and think of all the things I’ve learned that help this shit seem positive. And I'm sad to say, I don’t think I can.

Everywhere I go it seems, there’s a pop song on the radio that sings: sex and drugs and money is all you need to know. What happened to community? And things like trust and chivalry? I guess I’ll have just one more drink and call it a night.

It might be childish to think that something as simple as taking one deep breath, could change all this.

What do you think? Her voice was subtle like the rain that was falling on the street. And I feel I haven’t seen a star in weeks. There’s gotta be something that we can do to show we still have faith and to put a few new stars up in the sky.

We’ve got to come together.

Everywhere I go it seems, there's a protest on the TV screen that says: occupy with us to get what you want. What happens if we started small with a local goal to help us all? And not a laundry lists of wants; like we're criminals.

It might be childish to think that something as simple as helping someone out, could change all this.

It might not be what we need, but it sure was what we needed. Just something small to show we still have hope.
Track Name: I Don't Think That's Going To Hold Up In Court
Speak up, Shot down. My heart, still bleeding from this. They said we sport the uniform of the outspoken.

And we will get what we deserve because that's what we want.

Then next time you see us, you won't remember our names. You'll try to convince us that we're alone and insane.

You'll say it's best to just fall in and shut our goddamn mouths. That's when we'll spark the flame to ignite the fire, to burn you to the ground
Track Name: I Wholeheartedly Blame John Hughes For My Unreasonably High Expectations In Life, Love, And My Ability To Outsmart Those In Traditionally Respected Positions Of Employment
Can I come over and sit on your floor? And can we listen to records and pretend we've never heard them before?

Because I remember the feeling that I had the first time that you kissed me to that song I didn't know yet.

Now I know every word and every chord. Nothing's made me feel like that before.
Track Name: If Your Life Had A Face, I'd Punch It In The Balls
My feet were muddy and my socks soaked up all the water that seeped through my shoes; As I walked past the street that you used to live on. I wondered how you had been feeling. I wondered if everyone's treating you well. And I'm sorry I wasn't there to see you off.

I tried to recall your voice; my feet went numb. Cheap coffee has lost it's appeal since you've gone.

I wish someone could fall in love with me the way that I fell in love with you. You looked past my failures, you bummed me your smokes, and you mismatched your clothes with your shoes.

As I eat at that diner, I sit in our booth alone. Come back to me.
Track Name: Everybody, Be Cool, This Is A Robbery
I'm having trouble sleeping. No matter how hard I kick and pull, these sheets can't seem to hold a note the way you used to when I got scared. Now I'm terrified. I'm fucking shaking.

And it's not because I need you; I think I'm doing fine. As that arm clicks back, the record stops. I'm spinning. I still miss you sometimes.
Track Name: Since When Did “Joining The X-Men” Become An Unsuitable Career Objective?
I'd like to keep this moving forward with someone just like you, but just a little bit better.

And I know things will work out great. You know, you really are a stand-up guy. And I know you'll do fine things; just not here or now.

The things I'd do to to help me feel anything except used or kicked when I'm down would make you sick.
Track Name: Chuck Taylor Was A Good Man
I've never felt so uninspired. I’ve never felt so sick. I’ve been here stuck and screaming, cursing this place. I don’t know if I’m waiting for something to change its pace. All I know is I’ve been spilling my GUTS on to the floor. And lately I can’t remember the last time you said you were happy. And I’m with you.

It’s been a few months since I got your call saying, “shit has gone to hell.” I’ve never felt so uninspired. I’ve never felt so sick. I feel like I’ve been stuck here screaming “the boy was just a kid.” And that “He should be coming home real soon.” And for Fuck’s sake, I’m with you.

I feel like a piece inside me dies every time it’s nice enough to skateboard. Or when I see your car. And I know you’d hate a sad song cause you never wanted this. But I still hear you singing. I can still hear you singing.

And I will keep on living to make sure your heart is safe and that you’re celebrated. And I’ll never take for granted the few things that we both shared because you brought us here. And you brought us together.

I’ve never felt so uninspired. I’ve never felt so sick.
Track Name: Something Sad, Or Nostalgic
Let’s ride our bikes up to the corner store; the one that knows both of our names. And we can get some beer and head down to the river. We'll go swimming in our underwear and hide out under the bridge, and we can talk about whatever's on your mind.

Like the government, or the weather.
Or religion; or the war on drugs; or the places you'd like to see, cause I'd love to hear.

And we'll ride home soaking wet just to scream at my shitty, beat up TV set. Over Jeopardy; or baseball games; or the news; or PBS. Or we can go outside and get a little high.
Track Name: We Have Car Payments. What, We're Just Going To Walk Away From Our Financial Obligations?
Some days I feel like I'm going crazy. And still other days I feel like I'm already gone. And I've got this sinking feeling that there's someone behind me, but when I turn back around they've already gone.

And I try to blame simple things like my diet; or the drugs; or the drinks; or the stress from my job. And I can't help but wonder: Will this weight on my mind move down to my shoulders and cripple my spine?

And You say "It might be a ghost." But if ghost are real, then god is real. And if god is real, I must be insane.

Some days I feel like I'm going crazy. And still other days I feel like I'm fucking insane. I can't help but wonder: How is this gonna end? It's just red bike, some flowers, a bug and again and again.
Track Name: Can Tainted Love Not Be Our Song?
Tonight I plan on get way too drunk to drive and just sit alone in my room watching TV. And I keep replaying the words you said to me when you walked out of my door. “This isn’t working anymore.”

I still remember the first night we met like it was only last week. You wore that sundress; you had your hair down and I said I liked your lipstick. We went outside to have a cigarette and beneath the streetlights I swear I fell, I swear I fell, I swear I fell in love with you that night.

And as I empty this bottle and make my way to my bed, your conditioner still lingers on my pillow, and I’m hoping, come on now Darlin, please darken my door.

We drained our eyes and I searched for something. And by something, I mean anything that could help this stay afloat instead of sinking. So I bottled up and caped it off and put it on my shelf, in hopes this weathered ship might sail again.

And as I sit here and wonder about what haunts these thin walls. I want to say, I’m kind of scared with out my best friend, and I'm hoping, come on now Darlin', please darken my door.
Track Name: The Devastator
I’ve never had a problem that I couldn’t fix with a crush proof pack of cigarettes, and beer. And you’ll never find me praying to god on my knees. You'll find me standing and screaming right here.

until my fist and my heart no longer bleed.

We live in a nation, where a special FBI tasks force can raid your home for just owning the wrong book. I find it funny, because they told us all in school to read everything you can get your fucking hands on. There are still people who try to pray away the gay and don’t believe in dinosaurs or evolution. And they will pick up arms and cut off the heads of anything like or understand.

And can someone please explain to me, without scrolls or the good book, how the right to life outweighs the right to live.

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